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WINDEK LCD Writing Tablet 8.5 inch Writing Pad & LCD Pad, Electronic Writing & Drawing

Lcd writing tablet by WINDEK

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  • Colorful LCD: Unlike those normal LCD writing tablets, we are providing an even more powerful function on this writing tablet, as it is now possible to show colors on this LCD writing tablet. Like an endless sheet of paper, the pen on paper like experience is even better now. This will make kids to write more, or as a kids drawing tablet. The body material is safe, non-toxic and non-radiative.
  • Smart Locks Function: Mis-operation avoidable, as this electronic LCD writing tablet has a Smart Locks Function. Switch the LOCK button, which allows preventing accidental pressing the delete button ruins your creative art work / memo. Also with the one key to clear, even kids can easily handle this electronic writing tablet.
  • Upon receiving the product, if you found some marks on the LCD, worry not, as we are always trying our best to provide the best quality to you. Due to the product feature, which allows hard subjects or even fingers to draw on the pad, thus marks will happened during shipping. Simply use the erase button to clear. If you found the erase button is not working, please make sure the LOCK button is OFF, then it will work.
  • Multi-purpose: This electronic LCD writing tablet is the specially design for all ages & all purposes. With the built-in stylus-dock, it's suitable to use at all scenarios. No matter it’s for children to use at home, playing outside, even for adults taking notes, doing calculation at work etc., this writing tablet is suitable for all, a fridge white board, a memo board, a writing pad, a personal white board, a letter board, a doodle board, a bulletin board, note pad, you name it!
  • If you found the erase button is not working, please perform the following steps for self-check. 1. Please make sure the LOCK button is OFF, only in this status the erase button will work. 2. Make sure the writing tablet is with enough power.