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WiFi Range Extender - 2100 Mbps WiFi Extender,5G & 2.4G Dual Band WiFi Booster

Wi Fi Repeater by Rock Space

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New in factory packaging,. Made sure it powered on , but was unable to test any further. Packaging has some slight damage (picture included)

WiFi Repeater,Gigabit Port,Coverage up to 1292sq.ft,Support Multiple Devices,Extends WiFi Range,Access Point for Home

  • Extend Wifi Coverage on Dual-band. Boost internet WiFi signal to wider coverage up to 1292 sq.ft,optimize WiFi network transmission. AC2100 Wifi Extender helps you reduce the data transmission time and minimize the lag. This rockspace dual band wifi range extender also provides up to 300 Mbps for 2.4 GHz and 1734 Mbps performance on 5 GHz band. Wifi range extender - no more WiFi dead zones at home
  • Smart Siganl Switch for Steady Connection. Equipped with high quality PCB dual band antennas and 4T4R MU-MIMO technology, Wifi repeater extends WiFi networks on dual bands.Automatically select high quality channel for stable, reliable and fast Internet.Compared with traditional 2T2R MU-MIMO,AC2100 wifi range extender keeps your devices stay connected even in the move by switching to the network with stronger signals
  • Strong Wall Penetration. Tired of wall blockage? AC 2100 wifi extender works well with optical routers for strong wall penetration capacity on 5 GHz Band.Wifi range extender is perfectly suitable for any type of building. No matter you live in a multi-storey house or a large singel-storey bungalow, this wifi booster can fulfill your various need! Support fiber internet up to 2100Mbps with full Gigabit Port. Support IPv6 protocol,enables to enjoy smooth HD streaming and gaming experience
  • Universal Compatibility. Rockspace wifi range extender is compatible with any wireless WiFi Router, Gateway, Access Point.Support extending Wifi signal to any type of devices,such as mobile phone, PCs, smart home devices, including wired devices via Ethernet Port.AC2100 Wifi Extender designed with Gigabit port,which supports connected individual devices directly.Gain enhanced wired speeds for a smart TV, gaming console, Blu ray Disc player or other WiFi device using the Gigabit ethernet port
  • Simple to Set up. Only 2 simple steps - easily connect the WiFi booster to an existing WiFi network with WPS or Web Browser Setup. Visual signal lights guides you to find the perfect location to install the repeater - Blue indicates good connection, and red indicates bad connection, bring WiFi dead zones to life! To better extend the signal, the upper attennas can rotate by 270 degrees, and the lower ones can rotate by 180 degrees

How to Place the Antennas - SINGLE-storey building

If the extender is applied in a single-storey building, the upper antennas should point upwards, and the lower antennas should be tilted upwards

How to Place the Antennas

n order not to affect the heat dissipation, you are suggested to place the 4 antennas outwards, so that they won't block the heat emission holes and cause damage to the wifi extender.

How to Place the Antennas - MULTI-storey building

If the extender is applied in a multi-storey building, the upper antennas should point upwards, the lower antennas should point downwards.

How to Place the Antennas

Please follow the above advice, try not to block the ventilation holes with the antennas, which would affect normal use of the product

Smart Signal Indicator

Don't know if the repeater is working normally? Don't know where to locate your wifi extender? It would be much easier with the Smart Signal Indicator!

-BLUE light indicates good connection.

-RED light indicates poor connection.

-NO light indicates no connection.

Smart signal indicator helps you ensure its working condition, and helps you find the best spot to locate the wifi booster!

Dual Bands Fulfills Your Different Needs

The wifi booster provides dual band signals for different demands- 2.4G for daily office work and website browsing; 5G for HD video streaming and smooth gaming, boost your wifi up to 2100 Mbps. Automatically switch to the better wifi according to the signal strength, ensure you a gapless steady connection even in the move!

WPS One Button Connection

This Wi-Fi signal booster can easily expand the wireless coverage by press the WPS button on your original router and this repeater, only takes a few seconds. Very easy to set up.