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Watch Battery Replacement Tool Kit, Watch Back Remover Tool with Adjustable Watch Back Case Opener and Watch Repair Remover Holder Tool

Watch Battery Replacement Tool Kit by EFIXTK

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New. No box. Does have a carry bag. 

    • Professional Watch Back Remover Tool includes: 1 pcs adjustable watch case holder with 4 plastic pins, 1 pcs watch back opener, 2 pcs watch case opener knife, 6 pcs screwdriver, 1 pcs tweezers, 1 pcs glasses cloth, 1 pcs storage bag

    • Adjustable Watch Case Holder: Suitable for watches of various sizes, the four adjustable pins attached are made of plastic, which can reduce the risk of slipping and scratching of the watch case to a certain extent

    • Adjustable Watch Back Opener: The watch battery replacement tool kit is suitable to tighten the a rotating waterproof watch back cover which having 6 card slots. The adjustable range is 15 mm to 56 mm

    • Different Shapes of Watch Case Opener Knife: The professional back cover remover tool contains two different shapes of prying knives, which are suitable for prying open the back cover. Just put the blade back under the case and pry it open. It is easier to open the case

    • Screwdriver: Six different screwdriver ports can easily unscrew the battery fixing screws. Easily find the screwdriver you need, work easier.

    • The professional Watch Battery Replacement Tool Kit contains all the watch back cover styles you will encounter at rotating back cover/back cover with screws/pry open back cover, which solves the trouble of replacing the watch battery!

    • 1 pcs Adjustable Watch Case Holder with 4 Plastic Pins

      1 pcs Watch Back Opener

      2 pcs Watch Case Opener Knife

      6 pcs Screwdriver

      1 pcs Tweezers

      1 pcs Glasses Cloth

      1 pcs Black Storage Bag

    • Adjustable Watch Case Holder

      Material: Aluminum alloy

      The adjustable range: 15mm-56mm

      Suitable for rotating back cover, adjust the two prongs to the proper position, the prongs are stuck in the card slot, and then press firmly to rotate counterclockwise

      Adjustable Watch Back Opener with 4 Plastic Pins

      Material: Plastic + Metal

      Function: Fix the watch to prevent slippage and facilitate further operation

      Size: 56mm*46mm

      It is suitable for placing the cover of the watch downwards and placing the crown on the neutral side of the base to prevent it from being clipped. After tightening the screws, clamp the watch, and then use the watch opener to unscrew the back cover of the watch.

  • The width of the yellow circle screwdriver is 0.8mm

    The width of the black circle screwdriver is 1.0mm

    The width of the red circle screwdriver is 1.2mm

    The width of the Light purple circle flat-blade screwdriver is 1.4mm

    The width of the purple circle screwdriver is 1.6mm

    The width of the Light purple circle Phillips screwdriver is 1.4mm

    Elbow type stainless steel tweezers are suitable for extracting parts in narrow places and are very suitable for replacing watch batteries