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Washable Finger Paint Set, 64Pack Washable Kids Paint Set

Finger paint set by Aroic

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New. Never been used. One handle on carrying container missing. (Shown in pics)

with 12 Color Finger Paints, Sponges, Paint Brushes, Waterproof Paint Smock, Palettes, Cards, Storage Box for Toddler Early Learning Kids.

  • RICH PACKAGE】:The set has 12 colors 2 OZ finger paints,4 roller sponges,8 sponges brushes and shovels,5 brushes,12 kinds sponges, a waterproof smock,4 different sizes sponges,4 palettes,2 rainbow brushes,12 PCS cards and a storage box
  • 【HIGH QUALITY】:The set is safe and Non-Toxic. 12 vibrant paint colors conforms to ASTM D-4236 certificate, safe and child-friendly
  • 【Early Learning Painting Kit】:The color of the whole suit is rich and bright, which can help children to improve their color discrimination. In the process of use, children's hand muscles and creativity can be trained, too
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】:The washable finger paint set are in a firm storage box, so you can easily take art anywhere. It's perfect for family entertainment and can help you spend the perfect parent-child time. You also can take it to school and create in art classes
  • Size: 3cm wide and 13cm high

    Color: 12 colors already matched

    volume: 60ml/2OZ per bottle

    • According to the design of squeeze bottle, it is convenient to use
    • The colors are rich and well matched
    • Large capacity and economic benefits
    • Colorful sponge roller

      Four different shapes of sponge rollers can be colored with a variety of colors to get a wide ribbon, like a rainbow.

      Sponge brushes of various shapes

      There are stars, moon, animals, flowers, smiling faces, palms and other shapes.

      The shape is random. It may not be the graph on the graph.

      Bright colors

      Our finger pigments are bright and have a good display effect.