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Vibrant Life 4-Foot Dog Leash, Teal and Gray

Dog Leash by Vibrant Life

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Size: M/L, 4 ft. 

This Vibrant Life dog leash is great for both short walks in the neighborhood or long hikes on the trail. This leash is made from a durable material that features a padded handle for added comfort,. The soft texture means your dog's fur will not catch, and the seamless design prevents loose treads or material. The handle includes a padded material with an ergonomic grip.

Vibrant Life shares your passion for animals. You can count on Vibrant Life for a full line of expertly crafted, quality products to keep your pet healthy and happy. Which makes you happy, too. Enjoy the Vibrant Life.

Vibrant Life Leash in Teal and Grey

  • Very durable and holds up to all weather conditions, designed to be waterproof and easy to clean

  • Soft texture that is comfortable and does not catch on fur

  • Unique design with no seams or stitches

  • Perfect for animals that love the outdoors, does not absorb water or dirt

  • Padded material with ergonomic grip