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Vanity Fair Extra Absorbent Disposable Paper Napkins, White, 80 Count

Disposable Paper Napkins by Vanity Fair

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Versatile in use, our Vanity Fair Extra Absorbent Napkins are ready to clean up any kind of mess. Our 2-ply napkins are made to look stylish and classic, taking on anything from syrupy pancake breakfasts to saucy spaghetti dinners. Ideal for everyday family meals, picnics or hosting a barbecue, these durable, absorbent yet soft napkins are perfect for setting the table on any occasion

  • Vanity Fair Extra Absorbent Napkins are thick, durable, and absorbent, yet soft to the touch

  • 40% more absorbent than the leading 2-ply napkin

  • High quality 2-ply paper napkins with a stylish look

  • Ideal for for messy meals like spaghetti, barbecue and hot wings

  • Each pack includes 80 Vanity Fair Extra Absorbent disposable paper napkins in Classic White