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ucho Professional Slingshot Set

Slingshot set by Ucho

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Outdoor Shot Slingshot Hunting Slingshot with High Velocity Catapult for Adult and Kids

    • Professional Hunting Slingshot Tool - High tension replaceable triple durable rubber bands make this sling bow faster and more powerful.
    • WRIST SUPPORT FRAME DESIGN - The design makes the ejection base more stable and accurate. Steady handle and wrist support frame play a greater ejection intensity.
    • Ergonomic design - Ergonomic handle Grip makes the sling shot comfortable, easy to use, safe, Y Shot Slingshot with a wide bow, You decide the angle of attachment, Through the forks, over the top and anywhere in between.
    • Magnet leather platform Design - Store your slingshot ammo easily, makes it possible to quickly replenish the marbles. You won't miss your prey.
    • Used for outdoor competition, entertainment and hunting, but not for a child. The laser sight is not included.
  • Professional Sling shot for outdoor and indoor target shooting and fitness catapult of fowling and fishing. It also can be treasured up as a slingshot collection. Control rodents, snakes, and pests in areas where firearms are not appropriate! [Main Features]: ●High hardness alloy frame ●High-speed and high-tension triple rubber bands ●Ergonomic handle Grip ●Adjustable Solid Steel Frame [Package Include]: 1. Slingshot × 1 2. Replacement Rubber bands × 2 3. Slingshot ammo × 100 pcs [Warning]: Keep safe, Children need use under the supervision of adults.