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TOTO SW2024#01 A200 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with SoftClose Lid, Elongated, Cotton White

Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat by Toto

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Color Cotton White
Brand TOTO
Shape Oval
Item Dimensions LxWxH 20.88 x 15.38 x 7.38 inches
Item Weight 15 Pounds

About this item

    • Remote controlled adjustable front and rear warm water washing with five temperature and pressure settings with oscillating stream option
    • Heated seat with five temperature settings; Convenient slim wireless remote, with illuminated touch pad
    • SoftClose function built into the lid and seat. No more slammed lids!
    • Self-cleaning wand. Wand is automatically cleaned before and after use
    • Quick release, easy seat install and removal for simplified cleaning of the Washlet and toilet

    • What's in the box

    • Bidet Seat
    • Remote Control
    • Batteries
    • T-Connector
    • Instructions
    • Installation Hardware

  • Join the Clean Revolution

    TOTO A200 WASHLET Spotlight

    The TOTO WASHLET A200 Elongated Electric Bidet Toilet Seat is an electronic luxury seat that cleanses you with warm water to provide an exceptionally clean feeling. Unlike traditional toilet paper that can sometimes be rough and often ineffective, a WASHLET quickly provides comfortable warm water cleansing at the touch of a button. The A200 WASHLET model was specifically designed to enhance cleanliness and provide the ultimate in comfort.

      • A once mundane trip to the bathroom can become a spa-like experience with a WASHLET
      • Created with the highest quality materials and construction to ensure longevity and durability
      • Easy-to-install, DIY, attachment enhances your bathroom with instant luxury
      • Helps those with limited mobility and disabilities achieve self-care and regain independence
      • Convenient hand-held or wall-mounted remote with personalized water cleansing settings.
      • Heated seat provides the ultimate in comfort
      • Non-slamming SoftClose seat and lid.
      • Upgrade your bathroom instantly with cutting-edge innovation and technology.

    • Heated Seat


      • The specially designed, contoured seat is heated to provide maximum comfort.
      • Five temperature settings allows users to choose their perfect level of warmth and maintain that desired setting.
      • Early in the morning or through the winter seasons, this heated seat will keep you warm and cozy.




      • Innovative AIR-IN WONDER WAVE technology provides a strong, yet gentle water stream.
      • The water is injected with air to enlarge the droplets and create a superior cleanse without being too harsh.
      • Water is fired at different speeds, allowing smaller droplets to collide with larger ones and fill with more air.


      Easy-to-Use Remote Control


      • Illuminating remote control allows quick and easy access to available features and settings.
      • Remote can be hand-held or wall mounted for added convenience.
      • Easy to operate with 2 user memory settings and energy saver mode


      Quick Release Feature


      • Quick release feature for simplified cleaning of WASHLET and toilet
      • Encourages more hygienic environment by making cleaning in tight spaces and corners easier than ever
      • Allows for easy installation and removal of WASHLET with just a touch of a button