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Tools and Hardware Pallet HD072120-13

Pallet by Home Depot

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Manifested Pallet of tools and hardware from a major home improvement retailer. This pallet would be perfect for a hardware store, flea markets, Ebay sellers, online stores, e-commerce, construction companies, house flippers, landlords, etc... Over $1,100 in retail value on this pallet. HD072120-13

  • Scott's 20" Reel Mower
  • 36X72X18 Steel 5-Shelf Rivet Unit
  • Slide Door Sweep/Stop White
  •  DeWalt Tough Systems DS 300
  • 24" Pro Slimline Tile Cutter
  • HDX Plastic Base/Wall Cabinet LT Gry
  • Stylo+ Versatile Craft Tool
  • Double Draft Stop
  • and more!!