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ThermoPro TP08 Wireless Remote Kitchen Cooking Meat Thermometer - Dual Probe for BBQ Smoker Grill Oven - Monitors Food from 300 Feet Away

Wireless Cooking Meat Thermometer by ThermoPro

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ThermoPro - Cook Like A Pro Every Time!
The ThermoPro TP-08 is a dual probe Wireless thermometer that allows you to accurately cook by monitoring both your meat and oven temperature remotely from 300 feet away. Stop getting up and sitting back down to check on your meat and just await the TP-08's alarm when your meat is cooked to perfection or when the BBQ/OVEN/SMOKER is at your set temperature range.

Product Video Demonstration:

1. Set your own temperature settings manually
2. Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716F (380C)
3. Countdown and count up timer
4. Alarm
5. Receiver pullout counter top stand; Receiver belt clip
6. Transmitter has wire to either hook on oven door or use as a stand
7. Rubber sleeve case
8. Lost link alert
9. Receiver will flash and beep when meat temperature goes above your programmed temperature
10. Receiver will flash and beep when oven temperature goes above or below your set range
11. Timer and temperature settings are saved when unit is powered off

Temperature Range: 32F to 572F (0C to 300C)
Temperature Accuracy: +-1.8F (+-1C) from 32 to 212F (0 to 100C)
Resolution: 1
Probe Length: 6.5" food grade stainless steel probe and 3" oven/BBQ stainless steel probe
Cable Length: 40" stainless steel mesh cable
Remote Range: Up to 300 feet
Receiver Display Size: 1.5x1.3 inches (39x34 mm)
Transmitter Display Size: 1x0.55 inches (26x14 mm)
Certifications: FCC certified, CE certified, ROHS, FDA approved probe
Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Candy, Meat, Food

Package Contents:
1 x Thermometer Receiver
1 x Thermometer Transmitter
1 x Food Temperature Probe
1 x Oven/BBQ Temperature Probe
4 x AAA batteries

  • Hassle-Free Setup Transmitter and Receiver are pre-synchronized at manufacturing facility, no synchronization/pair required once the item is received. Simply insert batteries included in the package contents and the units are ready for use!

  • High & Low Alarm Need to keep your grill or smoker within a certain temperature during a long cook Don't worry if your smoker ever goes above or below your set BBQ range, you'll receive an ALERT!

  • Sit Back and Relax Dual probe wireless meat thermometer monitors your food and grill temp up to 300 feet away while you tend to other tasks or enjoy the rest of the game

  • Robust, Highly Accurate Probes & Timer Our highly accurate kitchen cooking thermometer has a 6.5 food grade stainless steel food probe and 3 oven/BBQ probe that accurate to within 1.8°F. Timer that can be active while monitoring meat and oven temperature, perfect for keeping track of your vegetable side dishes