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TC-Helicon Vocal Effects Processor (GOXLR)

Vocal effects processor by TC-helicon

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Brand new. Open box to verify. Never been out of original sealed packaging. 

  • Multi-channel mixer: Motorized faders let you control mic, game, music, chat, and more for the perfect Broadcast mix
  • Studio quality MIDAS preamp: Make your XLR mic sound great with +48V phantom power, equalizer, compressor, limiter, de-esser, and Gate
  • Sampler: Record samples on-the-fly or load your own audio files to engage and entertain your community
  • Voice FX: Add reverb, echo, pitch shift, megaphone, Robot, and hard tune to your voice in real time
  • GOXLR app: You’re in control with basic and advanced audio parameters, sample import, and voice FX preset library
  • Mix your audio in real time, change your voice, use industry defining hardware and software, and engage your audience like never before.

    The Perfect Mix. Every. Time.

    With a 4-channel mixer, you can control the volume of all your audio sources in real time so you can keep your focus where it needs to be.

    Bring the Studio Home.

    Use vocal effects that pros in the industry rely on every day, including: Reverb, Echo, Pitch Shift, Gender Bend, Robot, Megaphone and HardTune.

    On-the-fly Samples.

    GoXLR’s sound board and recorder can be used to riff on-the-fly samples or to cue bumpers for your podcast or just for fun!

    Connect Away!

    A comprehensive set of inputs and outputs allows you to connect your mic, headphones, line inputs, console and even output to a second streaming computer.


    Make GoXLR your own with fully customizable RGB lighting to match your gaming rig, your game, your brand, or just you.


    Whether you’re a seasoned audio engineer or are brand new, the GoXLR app features simple and easy-to-use controls to get you up and running quickly with advanced options for those who want more control over their sound.