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Tarvos Cat Window Hammock Seat - Mounted Window Cat Bed - Transparent Basin with Soft Plush Rim- Holds up to 33 lbs - 14.5 inches Long x 7 inches Tall

Cat hammock by Tarvos

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The Tarvos Cat Window Hammock Bed is going to be your cats favorite place to bask in the warm sun. The clear basin of the cat window bed was designed to comfortably fit a cat up to 33 lbs. Three holes are included in the bin for optimal ventilation for your cat. For added comfort a plush padded material coats the rim providing a softness for your cats head. Four suctions cups secure the cat bed safely to the window. The entire cat hammock bed measures 14.5 inches long x 7 inches tall.

If you are looking at cat beds for indoor cats and want something safe, secure, comfortable and stylish, this is the window cat perch for you. You will surely have one happy cat.