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SurfaceMaxx 4500 PSI Plastic Pressure Washer Spray Gun Kit

Pressure Washer Spray Gun Kit by SurfaceMaxx

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Slightly used. In original packaging. Package has slight damage. Does not affect product. Missing 15 degree tip.

Give your home a fresh clean with the SurfaceMaxx 4500 PSI pressure washer spray gun kit. Built-up grime does not stand a chance with this gun’s powerful spray and array of accessories. The pressure washer spray gun is easy and comfortable to use. Just connect a pressure washer hose to the inlet threads and you are ready for professional cleaning results. The ergonomic side grip keeps your project on-track by reducing hand fatigue. Extend your reach with a 20-inch spray wand and expand your cleaning capabilities with 5 spray tips built for a variety of tasks. Whether you have a gas or electric pressure washer, the pressure washer spray gun is compatible with both types of washers from 1600-4500 PSI. There is no need to be the dirtiest house on the block. Get pro performance, powerful clean with the SurfaceMaxx 4500 PSI pressure washer spray gun kit.
  • Professional grade

  • Works with pressure washers from 1600-4500 PSI

  • For use with pressure washers and pressure washer hoses, does not attach directly to garden hoses

  • Includes 20-in wand, removable spray handle and 5 spray tips for a variety of cleaning tasks: 0-degree (red), 15-degree (yellow), 25-degree (green), 40-degree (white) and 65-degree (black) soap tip

  • Toe grip

  • Attaches to hose using M-22/14mm threads with included M-22/14mm to 3/8-in quick connect fitting

  • 1/4-in quick-connect coupler connects spray tips and nozzles to wand

  • Kit saves money compared to purchasing parts individually