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Seventh Generation Baby Diapers, Size 3, 120 Count, Giant Pack, for Sensitive Skin

Size 3 Baby Diapers by Seventh Generation

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  • Size 3 diapers provide the 12-hour protection that keeps those smiles coming.
  • The absorbent core in our diapers is not bleached or processed with chemicals containing chlorine, which prevents harmful toxins from entering waterways.
  • Our FreshAIR Breathable Layer helps release humidity and pulls moisture away from baby's skin.
  • Made Free & Clear with 0% Fragrances, Lotions, or Chlorine Bleaching.
  • Made using only FSC Certified, sustainably harvested plant-based pulp, which helps nurture our planet's forests.
  • 120 count of Size 3 Diapers