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Ryobi A98601 60 Piece Black Oxide Drilling and Driving Bit Set with Carrying Case for Wood, Metal, Plastic, and Masonry

Drilling and Driving Bit Set by Ryobi

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  • KIT INCLUDES: 19 x Split Point Oxide Drill Bits, 1 x 1” Hex Shank Spade Bit, 4 x Carbide Tipped Masonry Drill Bits, 4 x Brad Point Drill Bits, 1 x 2-1/8“ Hole Saw, 1 x Hole Saw Mandrel, 5 x Hex Shank Nut Setters, 20 x 1” Insert Bits, 1 x Magnetic Bit Holder, 1 x Countersink, 1 x Center Punch, 1 x Hex Key, 1 x Carrying Case

  • BLACK OXIDE COATING keeps some of these bits protected from corrosion and prolonged wear

  • HOLE SAW MANDREL holds a hole saw and drill bit in place so you can bore holes for door knobs or locks with a power drill

  • MAGNETIC BIT HOLDER holds drill bits for driving fasteners without a tool

  • CARRYING CASE has mounting brackets and a handle for maximum storage and portability