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Roland GO-61P-A Digital Piano with Alexa Built-In

Digital piano by Roland

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The GO-61P-A Digital Piano with Alexa Built-In from Roland introduces a smart approach to playing and learning the piano and makes the experience easier and more engaging. The battery-operated, portable 61-note keyboard with standard full-size keys, touch response, 128-voice polyphony, and built-in speakers can be played anywhere around your home or on the go.

When playing the GO-61P-A with Alexa Built-In, you never have to interrupt the musical flow with button presses or complicated menus. If you want to turn on the metronome or choose a different sound, just ask Alexa. You can record your performance and upload it to free cloud storage for play back later. In addition, you can play along with your favorite songs by asking Alexa to queue them up from Amazon Music. A music rest and an AC adapter are included.

Smart Operation with Simple Voice Commands

GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-In makes complicated panel operations a thing of the past. Using just your voice, you can instantly call up any of the 40 onboard sounds, and you never have to take your hands off the keyboard. Many other settings can also be adjusted while staying in the flow, like turning the metronome on/off, changing up the beat, and more.

Play Along with Amazon Music

Since it also works as an Alexa-enabled device, GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-In allows you to listen and play along to songs from Amazon Music* through the keyboard's high-quality sound system. With a huge variety of songs available, you'll never run out of inspiration for daily music adventures.
*Requires a subscription to Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited. Visit the Amazon website for details.

Save Recordings in the Cloud

When you've mastered a piece or composed a new idea, you can ask Alexa to record your performance. You can then listen back and evaluate what you've done. It's even possible to upload your recordings to free cloud storage, where they're always accessible for playback when GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-In is connected via Wi-Fi.

Quickly Improve Your Musical Skills

With the combined technologies in the GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-In, you can fast-track your learning. Alexa can sharpen your music sensibilities with ear training and help build knowledge with trivia on composers and famous music. In addition, by connecting your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, you can use Roland's Piano Partner 2 app to learn music scores and boost your skills with fun exercises and musical games.

Get Inspired with Roland's Expressive Piano Sounds

Great tone makes you want to keep playing, and GO:PIANO with Alexa Built-In features expressive sounds derived from Roland's pianos. Each note responds to your touch like a fine acoustic grand, sparking your creativity and stimulating ongoing musical growth. Electric pianos, organs, and many other sounds are also on board, allowing you to expand your musical experience with a world of different styles.

Play Anytime and Anywhere

Thanks to its compact, lightweight design and built-in speakers, you can enjoy playing the GO:PIANO almost anywhere. It can run on batteries, so take it wherever you go, even outdoors.
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