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RANGEXTD WiFi Range Extender - Optimized Coverage WiFi Booster (Up to 300Mbps Speed) For 10 Devices

Wifi range extender by RangeXTD

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Powerful Wifi Extender For Home With One-Button Setup | Plus Smart Signal Booster WiFi Indicator

    • NEXT-GEN WIFI ROUTER & WIFI EXTENDER - Range XTD Wifi Range Extender is packed out with powerful features to supercharge your computer routers and whole home wifi network. Stream and surf any way you want with speeds up to 300 Mbps, 2.4 GHz band, two built-in antennas and easy-to-read LED signal strength indicator.
    • WIRELESS RANGE EXTENDER FOR WIFI RANGE BOOST - Say goodbye to buffering, lags, and dead zones by extending your wifi to every corner of your home. RangeXTD penetrates walls and covers your whole house in super-strong Wi-Fi, so you can stream, work, and play from any room without interruption.
    • THE INTERNET EXTENDER & HOTSPOT BOOSTER THAT DOES MORE - Get more power for more devices. Connect up to 10 devices without any signal drops and plug your devices (laptop, gaming console, etc) into dual ultra-fast ethernet ports for maximum wired connection speed.
    • SUPER SIMPLE WIRELESS ROUTER SETUP - Seamlessly connect to your existing wifi router and get connected in just minutes, whether you have any tech know-how or not. You don't need a new modem, mesh wifi system, or a whole range of extenders and boosters. You just need a RangeXTD wifi booster!
    • THE BEST WIFI BOOSTER AND SIGNAL AMPLIFIER FOR YOUR HOME - RangeXTD has a compact, sleek and discreet design, so it’ll effortlessly blend into your home decor. It also has a uniquely engineered ventilation system, that protects it from overheating. Keeping you safe and your connection secure.
  • Universally Compatible

    Works with almost any router (802.11 standard) for hassle-free WiFi.

    Smart Signal Indicator

    LED indicators show you where the strongest/weakest signal is, helping you find the best possible location for optimized coverage.

    One-Button Setup

    With just a push of a button, you’ll be up and running in seconds.

    WiFi Repeater

    Extends your existing WiFi connection, improving the signal strength, and covering hard-to-reach areas.

    Access Point

    Simply plug into the Ethernet port and transform it into a powerful WiFi hotspot.

    WiFi Router

    You can create a private network and share it with other WiFi devices. Perfect for travel and connecting on-the-go.