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Exercise Bike by ProForm

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Move and sweat through sweat-inducing workouts from the comfort of your home. Use the easy adjustment resistance knob to set your ideal level of resistance and pedal forward to a healthier you.


Interval training


One of the best ways to burn calories and get into shape is through interval training. Get your heart pumping with workouts that fluctuate in intensity. Give it your all for a short while, rest for a bit, then do it all over again.


You Control Your Resistance


The 500 SPX features a natural wool felt resistance system with an easy adjustment knob. Simply twist the knob to set your ideal level of resistance smoothly and easily.


Advanced Comfort Comes Home


The 500 SPX is packed with incredible features that will let you find your stride. Vertical and horizontal seat adjustments, multi-position handlebars, a padded saddle, and integrated water bottle holder will keep you going through your toughest workouts.


Smooth Moves


Forget abrupt resistance changes. The 500 SPX is equipped with a natural wool felt resistance system that allows for easy changes between resistance levels. Forget abrupt, shocking resistance adjustments because it’s all smooth sailing from here.


Perfect for the Home: Take Up Less Space


One of the biggest concerns people have about in-home fitness equipment is the amount of space it takes up. The 500 SPX features a compact footprint so you can get an incredible workout without the drawbacks of a bulky machine.


Easy Transport


It’s your home, so be sure you’re using your space how you want it. The 500 SPX comes equipped with front-mounted transport wheels so you can move it from place to place with ease.


Stats at Your Fingertips


A 1-window LCD display will give you access to workout stats from RPM to calories burned and everything in between. Use this data to track your workouts so you can reach all your health and fitness goals.