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Power Care 4-Line Universal Trimmer Head

Trimmer Head by Power Care

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Power Care 4 Line Universal Trimmer Head

4-LINE Universal Trimmer Head. A very easy to use and maintain universal fixed line head with a patented line clamping system. Push the side buttons to insert the lines, and they will automatically lock by centrifugal force as soon as the head starts revving.The head is designed with a low profile for lower cutting wherever needed. The eyelets are designed with a wide radius to prevent line premature wear and breakage.Line diameters 0.065 up to 0.130 can be used to adapt to any type of work, from light to heavy.

  • Easy line replacement
  • Centrifugal line locking system
  • Sturdy design
  • Works with line diameter 0.065 in. to 0.130 in.