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onn. HDMI To Composite AV Adapter, 1080P, Multi-Device Support, NTSC/PAL Format

HDMI To Composite AV Adapter by Onn

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Your media setup depends on having everything properly connected without too many complications. With the onn. HDMI To Composite AV Adapter, you’ll be able to link multiple devices. Whether it’s a DVD/Blu-Ray player, Gaming consoles, Laptops or Desktop computers, all can be easily connected. You’ll also have the option using it to connect to a non-HD television with a lower resolution or to a newer setup, supporting up to 1080P quality. In addition to supporting the North American broadcasting/video NTSC standard, our adapter also works with the PAL format. Common in Europe, Africa, and Asia, this allows you to select between them for your own use. The device is powered by a 32-inch Mini-USB Cable and a USB Wall Adapter. Make your setup the best it can be with the HDMI To Composite AV Adapter.

onn. HDMI to Composite AV Adapter:

  • Allows you to use your modern media players on your RCA supported displays

  • Easy installation with plug and play operation

  • Converts digital to analog

  • Connect different devices to your setup, including DVD/Blu-Ray players, Gaming consoles, laptops and Desktop computers.

  • Works with HDTVs, supporting up to 1080P resolution.

  • Mini-USB cable powered, Use also with a USB Wall Adapter. Wall Adapter not included and Must Be Purchased Separately.

  • NTSC/PAL format support for those who own multimedia devices/players that use common either the North American NTSC broadcasting/video standard or the overseas PAL format.