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onn. 4-Port High Speed 4K HDMI Splitter For HDTVs Monitors and Projectors

4-Port HDMI Splitter by Onn

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Do you want a fast and easy way to present the best movies, TV shows, gaming experiences and presentations to four different media setups at the same time? With the onn. 4-Port High Speed HDMI Splitter, you can accomplish that in an instant. You can get crisp 1080P HD quality and audio, regardless of being connected to your TVs, home theater system or projector. Connect your game consoles, DVD/Blu-Ray Players, Cable Boxes, Streaming Devices, Satellite Boxes, and more for the most immersive entertainment experiences. Our item comes packaged with the Splitter, a 5-Volt AC Power Adapter, and an informative manual. Connect one display to multiple setups with the 4-Port 4K HDMI Splitter. Get the most out of your entertainment set up with the simple plug and play splitter!

onn. 4K HDMI Cable, 4-Way HDMI Switch, Easy Installation with Plug & Play Operation

  • Plays 1 HDMI source on up to 4 different displays (one input, 4 outputs)
  • Crisp 1080P HD Quality on all your video and audio presentations
  • Works with TV, projector, satellite, gaming console, laptop, Blu-Ray player or cable box
  • Ideal for an entertainment system that has multiple displays
  • Easy to install with plug & play operation
  • Includes all black colored equipment
  • Pair with onn brand HDMI cable

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