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oGoDeal Battery Replacement Compatible for iPhone 8

Battery Repair Kit by oGoDeal

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oGoDeal Battery Replacement Compatible for iPhone 8 High Capacity Battery Repair Kit A1863, A1905, A1906 2200mAh

This is the Replacement Battery for iPhone 8. Replace an old, dead or dying battery in your iPhone 8 with a brand new one from .
When you purchase this for iPhone 8 battery (00 mAh), you will also receive an adhesive strip, plastic opening tool, and repair guide- for free! Furthermore, we realize that you are eager to once again have a phone that will hold a charge so that you can keep up on social media, browse the Internet, check emails and more, so all order is fullfilled by amazon which can arrive super fast.
Recommended: Watch more relevant video about replacing the battery on YouTube before you replaced.
【If the iPhone unable to turn on after replacing, please re-install all cables and charge the battery about 0min then .】
For optimal performance, be sure to calibrate your newly installed battery: Drain battery below , then charge uninterrupted to 00%, repeat like -3 times.
Capacity: 00 mAh
Condition: Brand new 0 cycle top quality
For iPhone 8 A863 (GSM/CDMA)
For iPhone 8 A905
For iPhone 8 A906
Customer Service Guarantee
-4-Hour reply
< -30-Day Money back
-365-DAYS warranty
Packing list:
x set of iphone 8 battery Adhesive
x Repair tools set x installation guide
x High Capacity battery replacement for iphone 8