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Nextgen Altitude Training Mask - Cardio, Breathing & Respiratory Strength Trainer

Altitude Training Mask by Nextgen

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24 Oxygen Deprivation Levels, 8 Replaceable Carbon Filters - Sport Elevation Vented Respirator for Athletes

    • TAKE YOUR ENDURANCE WORKOUTS UP A NOTCH - Simulate the challenges of high-altitude training by using our workout mask. Boost your lung capacity. Improve your stamina. Break through your limits.

    • LOSE THE DUST - The replaceable carbon filters in our elevation mask won't protect you from microorganisms, but they're perfect if you run along busy highways or workout in dusty gyms.

    • CHOOSE YOUR INTENSITY LEVEL - The 24 resistance levels of our sport mask allow you to personalize your training according to your fitness level. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, there's a setting for you.

    • FITS COMFORTABLY - Our high-altitude athletic mask comes with a universal fit sleeve and anatomical grip mask. It's a fully functional exercise mask that doesn't compromise on comfort.

    • BUILT TO LAST - You deserve a training mask that works as hard as you do. This is why we use ultra-durable ABS plastic to ensure that this gym mask keeps you company for many grueling workouts.

  • Is weak stamina holding you back from unleashing your true potential? Developing a strong pair of lungs is equally as important as building a solid pack of muscles. Gears like training masks can help you achieve this goal. Unfortunately, not all training masks are up to the task. Some offer very little in the way of intensity levels, while others have compromised comfort for the sake of functionality and design. But certain training masks have successfully bridged the gap between comfort and performance.

    With more resistance levels to choose from, a universal and comfortable fit, and heaps of other features, this training mask can help bring your bodybuilding, running, or cycling exercises to new heights.
    Supercharge your endurance training with the NextGen Altitude Training Mask! Mimicking the effects of high altitudes allows you to reap the benefits of training in extreme environments. As your body adapts to this training regimen, you develop a stronger respiratory system which will allow you to power through future stamina-draining exercises.

    The masks are equipped with 2 levers and 2 valves. Each lever and valve has 4 resistance levels, with each valve having 4 additional levels. This allows you to customize the mask according to the type of training you do or the results you want to achieve. Our training mask is also low-maintenance. To clean it, use the 30ml cleaning solution and microfiber towels that are included in the kit. Give it a good rub and your mask is ready for your next session.