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Monster High Speed 4K HDR HDMI Cable with Built-in Purple LED Light - 6ft

HDMI Cable by Monster

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Enhance your devices with the Monster HDMI 6-foot Purple LED Light HDMI Cable. With a built-in Purple LED Light, you can correctly identify your connected devices with ease. The light will activate when inserted into the corresponding HDMI item, illuminating the specific port. At high speeds up to 21 Gigabytes per second, you’ll get faster results than with the average cable, which only supports up to 18 Gigabytes per second. The 16-bit color rate allows for you to see practically life-like colors on your corresponding devices. You’ll also be able to reach up to 4K Resolution with the resulting image, while the refresh speed of 60Hz per second creates a faster and superior quality. Our cables also connect to the latest OLED and QLED televisions, providing optimal image quality and picture results. Remove all the complicated wiring and confusion with one LED Light HDMI Cable from Monster.

The 6ft Monster High Speed 4K HDR HDMI Cable with Built-in LED Light helps you to find the correct plug every time by conveniently color coding your cables and increasing visibility with the built-in LED lights. The cable's built-in LED is powered when the cable is plugged into an HDMI port, so no additional power is required. This item is available in 4 colors, Red, Green, Purple and Blue. Color code your HDMI media players such as streaming devices, cable boxes, DVD/Blue-ray Players, game systems and A/V receivers. This cable comes equipped with gold-plated connectors and Duraflex jackets which provide high quality signal strength up to 60Hz, 16 Bit Color and supports 4K video.

Keep your devices organized with built-in LEDs in your HDMI cables:

  • Built-In Light Identifies Corresponding HDMI Devices: Easily locate your HDMI devices with a Built-In Light that flashes a particular color. (Blue, Green and Red-Lighted cables are also available from Monster).
  • Faster than Average Gigabyte per Second Speed: At 21 Gigabytes per second, you’ll have faster streaming speeds than the average HDMI cable which only supports up to 18 Gigabytes per second.
  • Life-Like Colors on Your HDMI Devices: The cable’s 16-bit color rate creates stronger, life-like colors on your TVs, Computers and Gaming devices. The results are a massive leap in quality for the average picture display.
  • 4K-Resolution and Speed: You’ll have up to 4K Resolution quality, while the 60 Hz refresh speed creates faster, smoother image displays for all your programs and devices.
  • Connects with The Latest OLED/QLED TVs: As OLED and QLED televisions become more prominent in some households, Monster is adapting to the next TV revolution. Our cables are compatible with the newest models and can support all their features and formats.
  • Meets Every Standard for Highest Quality and Safety: Monster thoroughly reviews all their cable and electronic devices to ensure they meet the highest quality standards before leaving our product warehouse.
  • Built in LED light helps you easily identify connected HDMI devices
  • Compatible with OLED and QLED TVs
  • HDR- High Dynamic Range
  • 60Hz- For faster 4K video
  • 16 Bit Color- For Lifelike color transitions
  • High speed 21.0 Gbps
  • Duraflex Jacket for greater protection
  • Gold plated connectors for high quality signal