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Mission HydroActive Cooling Towel Alloy Heather Brick

Cooling towel by Mission

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Keep cool and feel refreshed in any condition with the original, durable Mission hydroactive microfiber cooling towel. Ideal for any outdoor activity on a hot day so that you can stay cool when things heat up. Just wet, wring and snap the chemical-free towel and the proprietary technology in our woven fabric cools to 30-below your average body temperature. The towel stays cool for hours when wet and is soft and absorbent when dry. From the toughest conditions to everyday use; the performance enhancing cooling towel helps you keep cool during training, working or exercising. The soft machine washable fabric provides you with years of reliable use. The Mission hydroactive microfiber cooling towel is a simple solution to keep you cool and feeling comfortable in the heat and on the go.

  • Mission hydro active technology cools instantly when wet and stays cool for up to 2-hours
  • Activate the instant cooling towel, simply wet with water, wring out and snap in the airto reactivate the cooling effect, simply repeat steps
  • Ultra-soft against skin and stays soft, wet or dry
  • Chemical free
  • Reusable and machine washable
  • UPF 50 sun protection