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Mind Reader Laptop Lap Desk Flip Top with Drawer

Laptop Desk by Mind Reader

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  • MULTI-PURPOSE For when you need more than just an ordinary laptop stand for your bed This laptop desk has a cooling factor to help avoid overheating of your equipment and features a tilting desktop that's able to find just the right angle for your computer or book And the side drawer perfect for storing cables chargers adapters pens USB drives tv remote mobile phones and more!
  • NATURAL Optimal productivity while also being ! Built from 100% natural bamboo wood this laptop lap desk provides a premium and natural-looking surface while also being It's a sturdy and green solution for environmentally conscious productivity
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE The premium bamboo desktop comes with 3 adjustable options providing ideal viewing angles while preventing strain on your neck The legs can also adjust in height to find that comfy sweet spot while you rest in bed or fold flat converting into the perfect breakfast tray
  • NO ASSEMBLY NEEDED It's ready to go right out of the box! Unlike other laptop stands or bed trays for eating that require complicated instructions and assembly this laptop desk is set up as soon as it gets to your home
  • DIMENSIONS 13 5" L x 21 25" W x 8" H
  • ORGANIC AESTHETIC: Never worry about picking the right color, size, or shape. This productivity solution is able to blend into any room ease, and designed to look perfectly curated for its use.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUILD: It’s lightweight 5. 3 lb frame makes using items on this laptop desk tray simple and without effort.