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MGROLX 50W Professional Bluetooth Megaphone Bullhorn Speaker with Detachable Microphone-Rechargeable Battery & Portable Strap-Siren and 260S Recording-USB/SD/AUX Input-for Police, Cheerleading, Outdoor

Professional Bluetooth Megaphone by MGROLX

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Slightly used. Looks and works like new.

    • Powerful And Multipurpose: MGROLX PRO MEGAPHONE can provide up to 50W and 1500 yard sound which is specially designed for group and outdoor activities, such as sports activities, political demonstrations, social management and cheerleading activities. In order to be easy to carry, we also equipped it with adjustable straps.

    • Recording And Music: This megaphone speaker supports recording for long to 260s. It contains two popular music siren and whistle . When you long press the “music button” for 2 seconds, it will play siren. When you short press , it will emit a bright whistle.

    • Three Power Modes: This megaphone bullhorn built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which can realize long-term endurance after one charge. In addition, it also supports 8xC battery (not included). If you need to use it for a long time and worry that the lithium battery life is not enough, you can take 8xc battery in case of need. In addition, if you have a power supply connected by AUX interface, you can also supply power for it without battery.

    • Multiple Input Modes: This bullhorn megaphone supports BLUETOOTH/USB/SD/MMD input. Put your favorite songs into the above four drivers and insert them into the card reader. With huge power and excellent sound quality, it can act as a high-quality music player. And this bullhorn can connect with your phone playing music or sound.

    • Innovative Circuit Design: The megaphone adopts modern circuit design and simplifies the internal circuit structure, reduces meaningless power loss, improves the output power and endurance of the bullhorn as a whole, and reduces the failure rate, which means louder and more possibilities.

    • Detachable Microphone

      The microphone integrates sound amplification, siren, recording, music and other functions, which adds interest on the basis of practicality. The detachable design also eliminates the need for you to have this huge professional loudspeaker at all times.

      1. Speak Mode: The powerful Megaphone can provide up to 50W sound, which can be transmitted to 1200 meters away.

      2. Music Mode (SIREN and WHISTLE): this mode integrates two sounds under one button. When you press and hold the button, it will sound an alarm far higher than the sound volume of shouting mode; When you press and release the button immediately, it will send out a crisp and rapid whistle, which is suitable for basketball, football, bowling and other sports or military training.

      3. Recording Mode: This mega horn supports up to 260s recording. Just enjoy it!

      1. BLUETOOTH MP3 Player

        The pro megaphone has the ability to read a variety of mobile storage devices, which enables it to act as a temporary music playback equipment.


        1. You can even use mobile phone to search and connect the megaphone through BT mode (BLUETOOTH MODE)

        2. You can insert the USB/SD Card/MMC Card with your favorite songs into the interface of the megaphone speaker, which can read and play the audio in the corresponding device.

        Clear and high-power sound meet all your needs for a loudspeaker with music playback function.

    1. Built In Lithium Battery

      The loudspeaker's lithium battery just take two- three hours to fully charge and It lasts for at least 8 hours.

      It can also work for 8x(C) battery (not included) or connect the car with the AUX cable (not included).

      Quick Speak Mode

      When you encounter an emergency, just press the trigger at the handle, which allows you to shout directly to the other party without turning on the detachable microphone switch.

      This concise and practical design can make this megaphone to adapt to all kinds of emergency environment, such as police working, fire rescue and evacuation.

      Innovative Circuit Design

      Different from other megaphone speaker, the MGROLX MEGAPHONE has been optimized in the internal circuit design to reduce redundant lines, reduce the energy consumption of the product, make the sound louder at the same power, and the design greatly reduces the failure rate. In a word, louder and more durable.