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Made By Me Ultimate Bead Pets By Horizon Group USA, Bead Pets Crafts For Kids, Includes Over 1400 Beads, Cording, Keychains & Carabiner Clips, Design Templates, Storage Cases & More

Bead Pets Crafts For Kids by Made By Me

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    • CREATE COLORFUL PET BEADS: Decorate and personalize your very own pet creations with over 400 vibrant pony beads and easy-to-follow instructions.

    • MAKE ONE-OF-A-KIND DESIGNS: Variety of colors that can be coordinated in many ways to create a frog, bunny, puppy and much more.

    • ACCESSORIZE: Attach your Bead Pets to key rings and lanyard clips to decorate your backpack, keys, school lanyards and more.

    • KIT INCLUDES: 437 Pony Beads, 6 Key Rings, 4 Lanyard Clips, Bonus Storage Box, 2 Satin Cords – 20 yds. total, Easy-to-Follow Instructions

    • AGE RANGE: 6 years & up

    • Create Your Own Bead Pets with Made By Me®! Complete with over 400 vibrant pony beads, key rings, lanyard clips, design templates, and a storage case with built-in project guides — this set includes everything you need to create 10 different projects! From bunnies and penguins to lady bugs and frogs — only these pets are much easier to care for! Pick from 5 different design templates to learn how to transform colorful pony beads and thread into the cutest little creatures! When you’re finished designing, hook your creations onto a backpack, set of keys, or another accessory using the included keychain rings and clips — store your leftover beads inside the case to create a zoo-full of fun later! Perfect for little beaders ages 6+.