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LED Headlight Can-bus Decoder Kit, Novsight 9005(hb3)/9006(hb4)/9012 Decoder Anti Flickering Computer Warning Canceller Error Code Eliminator Resistor Decoder for Headlight/Fog-light, 2-Pack

LED Headlight Can-Bus Decoder Kit by Novsight

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  • Since the original headlights‘ circuit is controlled by the car driving computer, the working principle and current of LED headlights are different from the original halogen lamps. The driving computer may not be able to detect the feedback signal of the LED headlights, which causes the dashboard to display error messages. Therefore, you must install the LED decoders to resolve all the fault alarms caused by modifying the LED headlights.

  • Can-bus decoders can solve the following problems:
    Headlights failure message on dashboard;
    2. High beam failure message on dashboard;
    3. LED headlights hyper-flashing or flickering;
    4. The engine stops working when turning on the LED headlights;
    5. The LED Headlights stops working when the engine is ignited;
    6. LED headlights automatically turn off after lighting up for few minutes.
    7. Radio interference and buzzes.

  • EXCELLENT COMPATIBILITY: Fits for universal 9005(hb3)/9006(hb4)/9012 LED headlight/Fog-light bulbs. Compatible with Controller Area Network (CANBUS) systems or electrical system vehicles. Such as 2009+ Dodge, Ram, Ford, GMC Chrysler, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Kia and More.

  • PLUG-N-PLAY: Easy Installation. All-in-One Design. Plug and Play Setup for LED Headlight Conversion Kits. Average Installation time: 5-10 minutes;

Working voltage: DC 9-16V
Power compensation: 6.5W-7.5W
Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ +125 ° C
Anti-reverse protection mode: input voltage positive isolation, output voltage negative sharing

Package Includes:
2x 9005(hb3)/9006(hb4)/9012 LED Headlights Can-bus Decoders

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