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LANIAKEA 4.25 Inch Hole Saw with Heavy Duty Arbor, 38MM Cutting Depth 108MM Bi-Metal Annular Hole Cutter HSS Variable Tooth Pitch Holesaw Set

Holesaw set by Laniakea

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    • 4-1/4 inch holesaw, bi-metal material, have high carbon steel bodies( with 8% cobalt) and HSS teeth, providing both flexibility and durability.
    • ✭ The 4 1/4 inches hole cutters have a cut depth of 38mm. Diameter: 4 inches(102mm), 7/16" hex shank mandrel fit 1/2" drills; 2 pins lock the saw well and prevent too tight or falling off.
    • ✭ The 4-1/4" hole saws have variable tooth pitch for fast, smooth cutting and extended hole saw life, chip holes make plug removal easy.
    • ✭ HSS cutter teeth are used for most materials, such as sheet metal, wood, chipboard, plywood, non-laminated plastics, plastics, plasterboard and so on.
    • ✭Package comes with 4.25 inch hole saw with heavy duty holesaw arbor, 1 hex wrench and 3 HSS drill bits. They are designed chiefly for the home-improver and DIYer. For example, use this hole saw to vent a basement bathroom exhaust fan.
  • 4-1/4 Inch M42 HSS Bi-Metal Variable Pitch Hole Saw

    ★ 8% Cobalt, more durable and flexible
    ★ HSS for a longer using life
    ★ Variable tooth pitch for fast, smooth cutting
    ★ Chip hole makes plug removal easy
    ★ Heavy duty 7/16" hex shank mandrel to fit 1/2" drills
    ★ 2 pins lock the saw well and prevent too tight or falling off
    ★ Recessed can cutter, ideal for home-improver and DIYer-install recessed can light.

    Suitable for:
    Sheet metal, plaster, wood, chipboard, plywood, plastic, non-laminated plastics, drywall, acrylic-board, aluminum and so on.

    Hole Saw Parameter:
    ☆ Cut Depth: 38mm
    ☆ Diameter: 4.25 inches (108mm)
    ☆ Wall Plate Width: 1.25mm
    ☆ Underside Panel Thickness: 6mm

    Package Included:
    1 * 4-1/4 in HSS Bi-Metal Variable Pitch Hole Saw
    1 * Heavy Duty Holesaw Arbor
    1 * Hex Wrench
    3 * HSS Drill Bits