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Laazar Cat and Dog Pet Grooming Scissors Kit with Leather Pouch (3-Piece Set)

Pet grooming scissor set by Laazar

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Includes 7.5” Straight, 7.5” Curved and 7” Thinning Shears | Sharp Groomer Tools for Beginners and Professionals

    • KIT: Give your pet a professional looking groom from tip to tail. This cat and dog scissors for grooming set includes a 7.5” straight shear, 7.5” curved shear, 7” thinning shear and a leather storage pouch. Cut, blend and create a beautiful finishing touch with just one kit.
    • - QUAILITY IS KEY: These hair scissors are handmade forged and honed perfectly & professionally balanced & individually tested for sharpness and long lasting. This is not a machine-made scissor Unlike other grooming shears that pull hair or cut unevenly owing to blunt edges with a short life span, ours come extra-sharp to help you groom with precision. You’ll also love the unique convex edge with a hardness of 58-60 that retains its sharpness for that much longer.
    • - GROOM IN COMFORT: Professional groomer or home user, the ergonomic design treats you to comfort all through. Removable rubber inserts provide comfortable padding and a finger rest prevents hand fatigue even with prolonged use.
    • - GREAT GIFT IDEA: Red accents meet sleek stainless steel to create groomer tools that look as great as they cut. Shopping around for the best gift for that pet owner? You’ve found it. The leather pouch makes for neat storage, with the corrosion-resistant stainless steel keeping the aesthetics intact.
  • PREMIUM GROOMING TOOLS FOR THAT PROFESSIONAL FINISH Everything you Need Want to save some change by grooming your cherished pet at home? Are you a professional groomer looking for an affordable yet reliable shears kit to complement your existing one? This set comes with all the scissors you need to get that pooch or kitty looking spiffy! It includes a 7.5” straight shear that’s great for general body grooming and straight lines, 7.5” curved shears for top knots, the face, or areas you’d like to leave a rounded finish, and 7” thinning shears for blending and creating a natural finish. The set comes complete with a stylish leather storage pouch with a convenient velcro closure. Groom Like a Pro Properly sharp shears makes the different between beautiful lines and an amateurish chopped up look; the difference between uncomfortable hair pulling and precise cutting. We’ve combined premium stainless steel and a unique convex edge to create grooming scissors that cut, blend and shape with a professional feel. So unlike others that struggle to handle heavier coats or create a painful experience for your furry buddy, ours cut faster and easier to achieve the look you desire without much hassle. Here are more reasons to love this grooming kit:

    - The shears are thoughtfully sized to handle most breeds.

    - Removable rubber inserts ensure cutting comfort.

    - Convex edge with a hardness of 58-60 retains its sharpness for longer.

    - All the shears have finger rests to prevent fatigue.

    - Shiny stainless steel and red accents create a sleek look.

    - Makes a unique gift idea for any dog or cat owner.