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Husky 5 in. Digital Protractor

5 in. Digital Protractor by Husky

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The Husky 5 in. Digital Protractor is ideal for finding angles in tight spots. With the lock angle feature, the user can improve accuracy and save time. Its design provides ultimate accuracy and efficiency, reverse angle function and lock angle feature. This precision stainless steel digital angle finder with measuring rulers also has a built in reverse angle function for added usability and convenience.

  • 5 in. stainless-steel ruler arms with knurled locking nut
  • Standard and metric rule measurements, 32nds and millimeters
  • 0-5 in. (0-130 mm)
  • Range: 0° to 360°
  • Working temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 50°C)