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Husky 24 in. Line Generator Digital Laser Level

24 in digital level with laser by Husky

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The Husky 24 in. line generator digital laser level features a laser diode located in the drop-down laser head at the right of the level that can project a reference line along a wall. This level may be used indoors or out for horizontal (level), vertical (plumb) and square alignment projects. It is great for checking floors, walls and ceilings during construction.

  • Digital display is easy to read and has 9-angle memory storage for convenient recall
  • Equipped with a laser diode in the laser head at the right of the level for up to 25 ft. reference line
  • Accurate to 1/10 of a degree and 4 in. at 100 ft. for reliable use
  • Laser line generator aligns objects at 0 - 90-degree angle with +/- 0.2-degree accuracy
  • Suitable for aligning objects like wall hangings and paintings
  • For horizontal (level), vertical (plumb) and square alignment projects
  • Great for checking of floors, walls and ceilings in construction