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Honey-Can-Do Foldable Drying Rack, Metal

Foldable Drying Rack, Metal by Honey can do

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Your Zen friend Hannah once told you, “Life’s pretty simple—work hard, save money, and keep your pants looking sharp.” That’s when she revealed how this Foldable Metal Drying Rack helps her achieve all three. It stretches 45 inches high and provides three tiers of drying space for her yoga pants and favorite kimonos. Air drying clothes indoors helps her save on energy costs while keeping all her prints lush and vibrant. And when she’s not tapping this collapsible drying rack for life and laundry solutions, she’s stowing it away neatly in her closet so they can both keep on living clean.

  • 0% Fabric
  • Imported
  • 3 tier drying rack dries clothes naturally
  • Collapses and stores easily when not in use
  • Portable design makes it ideal laundry solution
  • Saves energy and extends life of clothes.Do not use in cribs, beds, carriages or playpens. The plastic may cling to the nose and mouth and prevent breathing
  • Rubber feet keep drying rack in place