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Happy Toes Electric Foot Scrubber

Electric Foot Scrubber by Happy Toes

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  • Powerful Mini Tool: Our electric foot scrubber effortlessly removes dead skin and hard calluses with 1700RPM or 2000 RPMs of power. The Nano-abrasion heads rotate at high speed creating the perfect dead skin remover for cracked feet.

  • Safe & Painless: This callus foot remover is made of selected natural silica, no pulling feeling, no harm to the skin. The electric foot callus remover features only a light rub, you can’t feel any pain at all. Our rechargeable foot scrubber has two heads, the rough grinding head is suitable for old dry cracked heels while a fine grinding head is used for daily nursing.

  • Rechargeable & Powerful: This portable pedicure tool uses batteries and is rechargeable at the same time. If charged at full capacity, the batteries last for about 1 hour and 30 minutes straight use. Now you can remove those stubborn crack heels effortlessly!

  • Quick Removal: This professional callus remover saves you so much time and energy. Our electric grinder works much better than a handheld pumice stone. This electric foot file guarantees fast results and helps prevent cracked heels from reappearing again.

  • Portable & Effective Callus Remover: This waterproof foot grinder is mini size and you can bring it anywhere for a pedicure. The electric foot file is a convenient way to quickly remove dead and hard cracked skin. Effectively solve the problem of residue, avoid the problem of growth, and protect your foot health.


The development of callus is caused by irritation of the skin through friction for a long time. It is normally a response from the body that is meant to prevent damage to your sensitive skin as a result of friction. Callus should go away once the source of the irritation or friction is eliminated. A good example of how callus can develop is when you are playing guitar. Due to friction, the fingers you use to hold the strings will likely develop a callus.

Calluses are very annoying especially if they invade your beautiful feet and so waiting for them to disappear naturally is not an option for many. This is because this may take longer than you wish to wait. The other option is to remove them and you can choose to do this manually or using an electric callus remover. The electric callus remover is what is preferred by most people.