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GOBAM Large Bath Mat Shower Mat Bathroom Floor Mat for Spa Tub and Kitchen, Bamboo (26 x 15.8 x 1.3 inches)

Large Bamboo Bath Mat by Gobam

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  • Bamboo Mat for Indoors and Outdoors: Make an eco-friendly addition to your space with the GOBAM bamboo bath mat. The water-resistant mat has 3 layers of protective coating and can be used in the shower, spa, sauna, bathroom, kitchen, pool, and hot tub

  • Anti-slip Design: The shower mat has 12 anti-slip gaskets on the bottom to keep it firmly in place. Its non-slip design is suited to prevent little children, old or pregnant women from slipping on the floor

  • Smooth Surface and Easy Cleaning: The floor mat measures 26 x 15.8 x 1.3 inches and has rounded edges for a smooth-touch experience. With 6 wide slats on the surface, its vented design offers quick flow of air and water for easy drying and cleaning

  • Heavy-duty Shower Mat: The wooden mat is sturdy and can easily withstand a heavy weight. Its load-bearing capacity has been tested with the front wheels of a 2-ton SUV

  • Stay Eco-friendly with GOBAM: The shower mat is made from 100% natural bamboo that is more eco-friendly than wood. It has a shorter growing duration, is renewable, and a more sustainable option for the planet