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Echo Valley 4353W Illuminarie Leaf Dual-Motion Windwheel

Dual-motion wind wheels by Echo valley

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  • Kinetic wind petals will catch the wind on a gusty day and rotate via perpetual dual-motion; Each piece will rotate in opposite direction
  • Kinetic garden stake is made of metal and art glass with an antique copper powder coat finish to withstand the elements and prevent premature rusting for years of use and enjoyment
  • Product is stationary and must face the direction wind is coming from for movement to occur
  • Center glass orb absorbs sunlight during the day and emits a soft, subtle green glow at night. Glow will only occur within the green swirl portion of the globe and is comparable to the glow seen on a watch face piece
  • Note: For best results, place windwheel in a location where it will receive no competing light source at night. Glow will gradually fade over time.
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The Illuminarie Leaf Dual-Motion Wind wheel from Echo Valley is a beautiful kinetic metal and art glass garden sculpture. The leaf designed wheels comprising the wind wheel spin counter-motion on a windy day. The center illuminarie 2.5" globe encloses mineral crystals that absorb light energy during the day and glow at night. The threaded KD stake allows for varying heights. Measures: 15.75" x 5" x 45".