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Dremel Versa Accessory Mega Kit

Dremal accessories by Dremal

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The most versatile versa accessory kit to cover delicate, everyday and deep cleaning applications. The kit features 15 different pads and 1 brush to tackle dirt on multiple surfaces. The kit also includes 1-storage bag, 1-quick start guide to make it for an overall better user experience.

  • 15 cleaning pads - polishing, eraser foam, non scratch, kitchen scour, extreme scour (3-pieces each), to clean from the most delicate surfaces (i.e. leather and non sticking cookware) to the hardest to clean surfaces (i.e. cast iron and natural stone) and everything in between
  • 1 corner brush - to clean corners and edges on hard surfaces, nooks and crannies on plastic, fabric and metal
  • 1 bonus item - textile storage bag of $5 value
  • 1 accessory quick-start guide - to educate the user on the best use of each versa accessory
  • Versa accessory mega kit, 15-pads (5 different types), 1 corner brush, 1 textile bag, versa accessory quick start guide