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Carex Raised Toilet Seat With Handles, Standard Round Toilets

Toilet Seat Elevator by Carex

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Adds 3.5 Inches to Toilet Height, Toilet Seat Riser For Handicap and Seniors

The Carex Raised Toilet Seat with Arms elevates your existing toilet seat by 3.5" for ease of use. It works in conjunction with the existing toilet seat and lid for a less clinical look and without the need for extra equipment. Whether the need for this Carex toilet seat elevator is as a result of an injury, infirmity or age, this handy piece of medical equipment provides additional stability, safety and comfort. It boasts a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs. so it can be easily used by most people. This durable standard toilet seat riser provides peace of mind to users and their family since it will help to avoid many falls or accidents. It fits most standard round toilets, so there is no need for extra modification. The Carex Raised Toilet Seat with Arms features sturdy, padded handles that can help navigate your positioning and allow you to lower and raise yourself safely. It is also non-slip coated for an additional safety measure to ensure that it is safe and easy to use.

Add it to the home of someone who needs it to help them enjoy added comfort and independence.

Carex Raised Toilet Seat Elevator With Arms For Standard Round Toilets:

  • Raised toilet seat adds 3.5" of height
  • Installs under an existing toilet seat
  • Sturdy arms provide extra support
  • Weight capacity on the standard toilet seat riser is 250 lbs.
  • Round toilet seat with arms is non-slip coated
  • Ideal for those with an injury, infirmary or age