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Calculator, Basic Desktop Calculator, Solar Battery Dual Power with 12-Digit Large LCD

Electronic calculator by Ebristar

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Calculator, Basic Desktop Calculator, Solar Battery Dual Power with 12-Digit Large LCD Display and Large Computer Keys Office Calculator by Ebristar

Ebristar Basic Desktop Calculator is a very robust calculator so it can be used in all types of areas. Due to it's size it tends not to get lost and sits on a desk or can be carried around with users.
The calculator is solid but is not heavy. We would recommend it to anyone looking for a general household or office calculator as it is stylish, simple and reliable.

12-digit Angled Display with Non-slip Feet
Ebristar Basic Desktop Calculator has a clear 12-digit angled display, with two non-slip feet which stops it moving about when being used. The display shows the figures in black against a pale grey screen. The screen slopes upwards towards users which makes it very clear and easy to read.

Solar & Battery Dual Power Source
The Basic Calculator works on solar power and has a 1.5v battery (AA included) as a battery back up and has an automatic power-off.

Main Functions
The calculator performs the major basic functions including addition (extra large key), subtraction, multiplication and division & percentage. The MU (Mark Up) key makes it very easy to calculate profit % margins. It also incorporates a 4-key memory function.

Large Keyboards
The keys of Ebristar Basic Calculator are large and because of their size it is not easy to hit the wrong key by accident.

For the Crowd
Ebristar Calculator is suitable for any businessman, worker, teacher, student or anybody that needs make any sort of calculation from time to time. Perfect for office, school or home use.