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BestAir 1T-PDQ-4 HumidiTreat Extra Strength Humidifier Water Treatment, 32 fl oz

Humidifier treatment by Bestair

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New. Sealed bottle.

  • Powerful formula aids in the prevention of calcium and lime buildup while eliminating odors
  • Improves effectiveness and prolongs the life of the humidifier and wick; Facilitating maximum humidity into the air
  • Keeps water smelling fresh and clean - Place one capful to each 2 gallons of water
  • Made in the USA; EPA registered
  • Humid treat extra strength humidifier water treatment 32 ounce extra strength water treatment: prolongs the life of the filter, controls unpleasant odors and prevents Lime and scale build up. Improves the effectiveness of your humidifier and wick, maximizing the humidity released into the air. Made in the USA.