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Batman Child Belt

Children's Costume Belt by Rubies Costume

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New. Packaging has slight damage shown in pictures. Product has never been out of packaging.

  • Size: One size
  • Age: 6+ years
  • Material: Plastic and polyester belt

Cosplaying as a superhero can be really fun and exciting since you get to transform yourself into someone who has incredible skills talents and abilities But turning yourself into a superhero who is known by many people from all across the world can be even more cool and better! Introducing the Justice League Batman Belt for Children.

Top your Batman look by upgrading your costume with his signature belt. When it comes to cosplaying you pretty much always want to get every little detail right from looks to equipment and all that. With this belt being part of your arsenal your iconic Batman look is one step closer to looking more polished and way more realistic than you think. Make a sweet impression on others at the superhero party or during the Halloween party and show others your best Batman impersonation. Quite possibly it will be very difficult to separate you from the real Dark Knight.