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ANSKIN Vitamin C Modeling Mask Powder Pack 700ml (240g)

Modeling Mask Powder by Anskin

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New. Unopened bottle.

  • Improved Skin Tone: It contains vitamins E and C, which supplies oxygen to the skin

  • Apply ampoule - Wash the face and skin thoroughly with a skin toner, and apply an ampoule or functional product to the face and neck in advance to maximize the effect of the rubber pack

    2. Mix rubber pack Using a measuring cup, place the ratio of powder to water (modeling actuator) at 1 : 0.8 on a rubber ball and mix them quickly with spatula.

    3. Apply - Apply a mixture of rubber packs, excluding the nostrils and eyes (for solitary management), to the jaw, ball, nose, forehead and in order (anticipate application time and create your own water concentration)

    4. Detach - After about 15 to 25 minutes, remove the rubber pack using a sponge (see the video on the website for instructions on how to use the sponge).

    5. Order -You don’t need to wash your face. If you remove the scum with a sponge, clean your face with skin toner, and finish with basic care, you can manage it.