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American Kennel Club Suede Cuddler Solid Pet Bed, Large

Dog bed by American kennel club

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  • PLUSH AND CUDDLY FOR YOUR PET’S ULTIMATE COMFORT: Treat your pet with the ultimate in comfort and luxury! The AKC Bed is a spacious dog or cat bed that features a plush, quilted surface for ample support and a restful night’s sleep.
  • WARM AND SOFT SHERPA AND MICRO SUEDE: The bed’s top features teddy bear-soft Sherpa to give your furry friend an extra snuggly experience. Micro suede supplements the bed for a fuzzy, comforting surface that your pet can rest their head on for a quick nap.
  • BOLSTERED SIDES FOR EXTRA SNUGGLES: Bolstered dog beds are ideal for dogs who prefer to sleep with a headrest or chinrest. If your pup is the type to use your arm, leg, or any part of you as a headrest, then they’re sure to love this bolstered pet bed!
  • TOUGH ANTI-WEAR BOTTOM: The underneath of the bed features a tougher polyester surface to guard against wear and tear, and play rougher or more energetic dogs.
  • MODERN APPEARANCE FITS ALL HOME INTERIORS: Available in a multitude of colors, the micro suede dog bed is both cute and elegant. Its understated style is adaptable to any home décor theme, and looks as at home in the living room as your sofa does!