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Amber Glass Swing Top Beer Bottles - 16 Ounce

Swing top 16 oz bottle by Paksh

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New in opened factory box, verified product. Originally a case of 6 bottles, but 1 is missing(case of 5 bottles).

Grolsch Bottles, with Flip-top Airtight Lid, for Carbonated Drinks, Kombucha, 2nd Fermentation, Water Kefir, UV Protection Brewing Bottle.

  • Superior Bottle- Crafted of heavy-duty glass, this bottle is of the best quality out there. The rugged bottom ensures it stands steady on surface. Amber colored, with the original Grolsch design, it looks beautiful on the table, while being supremely functional and durable.
  • UV Protection - The amber color repels sun and light, protecting your beverages from becoming spoiled. Perfect for storing homemade drinks of all kinds especially carbonated drinks as it retains the gas. Use it to bottle, serve, and display wine, soft drinks, water, beer, juice, and smoothies.
  • Secondary Fermentation-This bottle is great for secondary fermentation of kombucha, beer, and kefir. Add flavor, create fizz, enhance the quality, and promote the health benefits by secondary fermenting your beverages. Then store and serve the ready products in the same bottle.
  • Airtight Seal-The swing-top lid creates an airtight seal, preserving the freshness and fizz of the bottle’s contents. The easy pouring spout makes it the perfect dispenser for messy oil and vinegar. The lid is attached to the bottle, so it can never go missing!
  • Size and Care- At 16 oz., the bottle is just the right size for your daily recommended kombucha intake. Specially designed for a pleasant grip; a handy and convenient size to drink and store any beverage. Dishwasher safe without the lid.
  • Lead-Free Glass
  • Ultraclear
  • High-Pressure Resistant
  • Stable Bottom
  • Made in China