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Allied Flag American Home Nylon 3 by 5-Feet US Flag Set with 5-Feet Spinning Flag Pole

US Flag Set with Flag Pole by Allied Flag

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  • Everything you need - complete kit includes everything needed for an easy, worry-free 2-minute installation

  • High quality, American-made flag - each flag is a certified genuine Berry compliant government spec flag with 100% of the Raw materials sourced and made in the USA

  • Superior craftsmanship - reinforced stitching on FLY hems, densely embroidered stars, and rust-resistant 100% brass grommets

  • Tangle-free spinning flagpole - our flag kit includes a 5' spinning flag pole for the perfect outdoor flag display. Our new tangle-free technology Utilizes sealed weather-proof ball bearings to ensure your flag hangs properly

Allied Flag American Home US Flag Set comes with everything you need to easily fly an American flag from your house or porch. Featuring a 3' X 5' Embroidered nylon us flag, This set is the perfect way to show your patriotism without a space consuming in-ground pole. The bracket is adjustable to 13 different positions, so you can fly your flag at whatever angle you choose. The 5' Spinning flag Pole prevents the included us flag from tangling - a much needed feature for windy States. Nylon us flags fly in the lightest breeze. The embroidered stars & stitched stripes will not fade like a printed flag, will last much longer & are much more beautiful.

Allied's flag kit features new Never-Tangle Technology, which utilizes sealed weather-proof ball bearings. Never-Tangle Technology ensures your flag will always hang properly. Allied's premium flag kit utilizes stainless & polymer hardware attachments to prevent rusting and corrosion in all conditions.

Allied's premium flag kit features a heavy-duty 4-point universal bracket that allows for direct mounting to homes or flat surfaces. For curved or rounded pole mounting applications, the bracket features an available internal pass-through cinch design to accommodate any mounting requirements. This bracket features a 13 position 180 degree adjustable mount. The bracket is made of a forged casting design. It is oven-cured in a brilliant white powder coat to ensure a rust and oxidation-free install in any environment.

Allied premium flag kit accurately displays the American flag to meet the flag etiquette standards as established by the United States Congress.

Stitched Stripes

Stripes are back stitched utilizing an extra strength chain stitch for additional strength and resilience. Fly hems are reinforced with 4 rows of extra-strong stitching for maximum durability. Allied Flags are purposely engineered to be the most resilient in the industry by utilizing superior materials & precision craftsmanship.

100% Solid Brass Hardware

Allied Flags utilize 2 solid brass U.S. made grommets for the ultimate in rust-resistance. Hardware is sewn into our extra-thick poly-duck header, and are custom made to be impervious to harsh weather. Allied Flags are engineered to add strength where flags need it most.

Government Spec Embroidered Stars

Allied Flag star fields are embroidered with colorfast Tex 45 polyester thread to keep them looking bright and clear in all conditions. Allied Flags boast the tightest and most precise star fields in the industry. Stars are embroidered in an ISO9001 2015 compliant factory on Swiss-made embroidery machines.

Tangle-Free Spinning Flag Pole

Includes 5' spinning flag pole for the perfect outdoor flag display. Flag set includes an adjustable wall bracket & mounting screws for multiple display options. Spinning flag poles assure your flag is always hanging as intended, and is not wrapped around the pole. Internal weather-proofed ball bearings ensure your flag can spin freely without getting tangled.