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7/8 in. Rubber Screw-On Bumpers (4 per Pack)

Rubber bumpers by Everbilt

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New. Package has slight damage. 

  • Helps to protect surfaces from scratch and reduce sound
  • Non-skid rubber body prevents shifting and slipping
  • Includes mounting screws for easy installation
  • 7/8 in. Rubber Screw Bumpers (4 per Pack) are great under lightweight accessories and appliances. Their non-marking, rubber protect surfaces from scratches and deadens sound. They can also be used as bumpers for industrial and institutional doors.
    • General duty SurfaceGard bumpers are screw-mounted and cushioned for sound-dampening and protection of walls, doors and floors
    • Round bumper with integrated screw hole can be attached to various surfaces to remedy contact with neighboring surfaces
    • Easy to install - Pre-drill pilot hole to avoid wood splitting and drive screw through base and securely into wall, floor, or door
    • Not intended for use on angled chair or table legs
    • 7/8 in. diameter round white rubber bumpers 3/8 in. tall with recessed screw holes and (4) 1/2 in. long screws - 4 Pack