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6252 Great Northern Popcorn Pit Popper Campfire Firepit Popcorn Popper - Theater Popcorn Outdoors

BBQ popcorn popper by Northern popcorn

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  • Takes camping out to a whole new level - no electricity needed
  • â–ºMake 4 quarts of popcorn in just minutes
  • â–ºInnovative cool tube handle extends to 2 feet to keep you safe and away from the fire.
  • â–ºQuick clip lid makes for easy clean-up. Simply wipe with a paper towel and store for later use.
  • â–ºGreat for campouts, or backyard parties!
  • Great Northern Popcorn Quality!
  • Make 4 Quarts of Popcorn in Just Minutes
  • Great Northern Popcorn Pit Popper Campfire Firepit Grill Heavy Duty Popper

    The Pit Popper was designed by popcorn scientists to eliminate the dreaded burnt knuckle phenomenon that occurs when using an ordinary stovetop popper over an open fire. Heavy fireproof mits have long been the standard method for protection. Oven mitts are a nasty biosphere for things that crawl. They also greatly hamper the smooth stroking technique needed for popcorn cooking perfection. The long handle has long been the preferred solution, but a long handles is a pain in the pack for transporting. The introduction of the Pit Popper extension handle has revolutionized the open fire popcorn experience. Now one person can continually pop pan after pan of delicious popcorn with no danger of burnt knuckles. Only one word truly describes the newfangled 2 foot extended arm popper - Awesome!

  • 31"L x 9.75"W x 4.5"H

    The Pit Popper's innovative design allow moisture to escape during the popping process so your popcorn will be hot, crunchy, and mouth-watering. Our innovative Cool Tube handle with the comfort grip keeps your hands away from the heat/fire and ensures you will get perfect popcorn from your campfire, fireplace, or backyard grill.