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500-Watt Portable Car Power Inverter with Dual USB Ports

Power inverter by Vector

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  • 500 Watts of AC power from your car for household electronics
  • Dual 120V AC outlets and dual USB ports for easy charging
  • Integrated Fan and two ways to connect (DC or battery clamps)
  • Get easy household power anywhere you drive with the Vector PI500V dual outlet AC power inverter. Just connect it to your vehicle's power supply to get up to 500-Watt of continuous AC power on the go, enough to run some power tools and small appliances while also charging cell phones, laptops and personal devices. Easy to use and easy to install, the Vector PI500V power inverter can power multiple devices at the same time, making it a perfect upgrade for anyone who takes their vehicle to the worksite, campsite or tailgate party. Power up your vehicle with a Vector inverter today.
    • Provides up to 500-Watt of AC power on the go
    • Dual 120-Volt AC outlets and dual USB ports
    • Impact-resistant polymer housing with integrated cooling fan
    • Features built-in battery protection warning, indicating when the vehicle battery is running low