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100-Position Double Ratcheting SAE Wrench Set (6-Piece)

Ratcheting wrench set by Husky

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New. In original packaging. Missing 7/16. 

  • Set includes 6 SAE combination wrenches sized 5/16-5/8 in.
  • 100-position double ratcheting gives access to spaces 40% tighter

The dual-pawl technology on the Husky 100-Position Double Ratcheting SAE Wrench Set provides access to engage fasteners where other wrenches can't with its ultra-narrow, 3.6° arch swing box-end. Its 10% longer beam provides increased reach for accessing hard-to-reach fasteners and improves overall leverage. The innovative open-end ratcheting design improves the speed of ratcheting and allows access of an open-end without ever removing the wrench from the fastener.

  • Set includes 6 combination wrenches covering sizes: 5/16 in., 3/8 in., 1/2 in., 9/16 in., 5/8 in.
  • Large size markings offer easy identification
  • Box end needs just 3.6° swing to turn a fastener
  • Open end also ratchets to quickly remove fasteners where box ends cannot reach
  • Alloy steel construction provides durability and long-lasting performance
  • Universal box-end fits 6-point, 12-point, square, E-Torx, spline and partially rounded hex fasteners
  • Industrial black finish stands up to a lifetime of use
  • 0° offset box-end allows for maximum clearance in tight spaces
  • Open-end allows the wrench to be slid into position from the side of the fastener
  • Box-end provides additional leverage and less likelihood of slipping when used on hard-to-remove fasteners
  • Package doubles as a storage rack to keep your wrenches organized and in 1 place